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I don't know what to do, it's difficult for me to just do away with this device.

Had to flash the phone twice,keyboard disappear at times, the camera says unfortunately it has stopped, the phone freezing can't get alerts even when its on loud.

So, when you're approaching this subject it's a good idea to sit down at a calm time, not when you're in the middle of having sex, and talk about what you need, so that you can be more satisfied.

Today i noticed that a new friend appeared offline with a webcam.

when you see that a person is offline: send him/her a chat message, and if it doesn't provide a message back that it hasn't been delivered yet, you know the person is online.

And men, try to put the delicate side of you that's going to feel crushed, to the side, so that all that's present is the student in you that wants to please your woman.2/3 of the people polled feel that they don't have enough sex.

The main reason that sex declines after marriage is, men like to hunt and they court their woman.

I bought this phone in 2015 and I only used it for like a week or two...