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Advice dating a drug dealer

If you’ve lived with a drug addict or alcoholic, you know that addiction doesn’t just affect the addict – it affects friends and family as well. Because recovery is a lifelong process, your loved one won’t be “cured” once he or she comes back from treatment.

It’s not that they’re abusing prescription meds; it was the pharmacist’s fault for filling only part of their prescription.

With so much to lose, addicted professionals will go to great lengths to hide their day-to-day drug use rituals.

Continue reading for some tips to living with a recovering alcoholic or drug addict.

Alcohol abuse and substance abuse not only affects the individual with the problem but also the entire family.

Addicted professionals are not hiding their behaviors because they are duplicitous or underhanded people, nor have they turned against the people they love.

They are suffering from a chronic disease that compels them to do whatever it takes to maintain their drug use.

Professionals have the smarts – and the motivation – to hide a drug or alcohol addiction. They put their reputation, their professional standing, their public image and their relationships in jeopardy if they are seen talking to a drug dealer in a seedy neighborhood or disappear for days at a time.