Start Aries dating a gemini

Aries dating a gemini

Gemini people don’t really need any more stimulation, but you do have the knack of exciting their creative and verbal sides even more.

This indicates very successful social companionship. It seems that your best connection to Gemini may be friendship or intermittent intimacy rather than a serious bond. Gemini inspires you, and between the sheets you’ll both find ample room to explore.

With so much energy coming from both sides, can the two of you really settle down?

Your multi-tasking lifestyles may make it difficult to achieve the stability that a serious and committed relationship requires.

You’ll gladly join in the fun and add your own cheekiness to the mix. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, which means they live on their nerves — they don’t have your physical staying power, though they do have mental resilience.