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Badoo dating com

Badoo uses that info and searches its database of profiles.

“In my opinion, it’s more about finding someone with similar attributes as opposed to finding an exact lookalike.” Entourage and paparazzi, step aside. Yes, you can now connect with their 2.0 version (that, well, isn’t quite them).

The Badoo Lookalikes feature isn’t limited to famous faces. “Originally, we were using similar technology to moderate photos of users.

That's not to say it doesn't sometimes work, but it's nice to have that initial comfort and thing in common."Knowing who someone's friends are gives you "a better idea of who they really are", she adds. "Sometimes if you tell a friend you think their friend is hot, they get weird about it.

"Obviously it can have the opposite effect if your mutual acquaintances are people that you don't get on with," she adds. They don’t want to set you up in case things get more weird – maybe you get on really well and they feel sidelined.

After doing a quick search of stars’ names, the service instantly pairs singles with other datable guys and gals who look like thousands of admired musicians, actors, reality stars and more.

(Or think they do.) “Everyone has their own type, and it’s easy to refer to your favorite celebs to describe what your preference in looks are,” says Badoo CEO Andrey Andreev.

It would be good if dating apps used twitter instead of Facebook.