Start Black men dating ethiopian women

Black men dating ethiopian women

One point that can be added is the ‘reverse-racism’ that whites experience when they come to Ethiopia.

But since Ethiopians have this intense passionate love for our country, 100% of the time they will say they are from “Ethiopia.” Only an Ethiopian knows the love he or she has for Ethiopia.

Our not saying “Africa” unless asked where Ethiopia is, since we assume that everyone knows Ethiopia is in Africa, can sometimes be taken as denial by omission.

Finally, African Americans, for the most part, do not know which part of Africa, let alone the exact country they came from.

The shock is double if they have been to other African countries.

When asked their roots their answer would be that they are “African”.

But any recent migrant from Africa would say he is from Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa or Morocco .

Also some mention how Ethiopian girls or women refuse to date non-Ethiopian men. It is unthinkable to go against the wish of a parent, especially the father.