Start Brett and taya still dating

Brett and taya still dating

Beverly (who Ashley refers to as a "linebacker") gets to stay (although she practically has "I'm next" on her forehead).

Michaels: I would throw them in a Super Mud Bowl motocross race or a grease pig challenge. You learn about peoples' characters by putting them into odd situations. How would you sum up your experience with this season's girls?

The Poison front man explained why he decided to put his dating life on display, why he thinks his show is different than other dating series, and how it's going with the woman who won his heart this season. I had just come out of this relationship, have two daughters and like my privacy. Three months later, VH1 came back and said you're the one we want to do it.

You throw a good party, you can hold half a conversation and still got a few brain cells left [ With two young daughters, do you have reservations about doing such a risqué show?

Ashley has a freakout as she waits for the audience with A. She wants to leave the premises, she doesn't want to go in, then she decides instead to lie down on the floor near the chairs the others are sitting on. "Lies make baby Jesus cry," says Brett as he watches this on the monitor.

Brittanya is provoked so much by Heather that she gets up and throws a punch at her and then spits at her.

Michaels: I think [the franchise succeeded because] I've had years and years of great fans who tuned in to watch the show and then it blew up from there.