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Brunei school girl sex

It could be the plot of a hit reality show: Forty beautiful women from all over the world living together in the lavish palace of a sultan, competing for the favor of a billionaire prince.

Within six months, she had dyed her hair purple, dropped out of school and started working for an escort service.

She developed an on-and-off addiction to heroin that lasted eight years.

In the early 2000s, Lauren checked herself into a rehab program and got clean.

Lauren writes in lucid, sometimes lurid detail about life in the cutthroat, often bizarre world of the palace harem.

Ostensibly, the dozens of girls like her were paid to attend nightly dance parties as entertainment for the prince and his entourage of male hangers-on.

A brightly colored dragon tattoo winds up her left arm, and a scaly Piscesher birth signswims on her right.

They’re for protection, she said — but they also represent parts of herself you can’t see.

Though her experience with sex work made it difficult to trust men, Lauren said her marriage has made her feel more stable.