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In 2008-09, book blogging had just started to bloom (I think as another result of Twilight and the crave to find something else to fill the void we all read them) but very few were reading “indie” self published books.


Before I go on, I want to emphatically state I have NEVER, EVER, EVER paid an outside entity, my best friends, or random strangers on the street to leave me a book review. Common claims were being made which were freaking alarming: So I clicked on the handy link Amazon supplied to me in their Twitter reply and read their policy word for word.

, as those were the first two words in the original manuscript. Fortunately for me, she’d read them and most of the time she’d edit and send back suggestions or we’d meet in my office and lunch to brainstorm.

LU1 would probably still be a 220,000 word MS Word document sitting on some long-forgotten jump drive or I would have self-published a crappy novel.

Janelle talked me off the ledge so many times when I just wanted to toss the entire idea in the trash.

She gave me the “kick-in-the-ass” I needed to keep going.

Expletive, cuss word, expletive, that woman can write! Jesus, and then I was like: And more pages happened and finally, after picking my heart back up and stuffing it back into my chest, I wanted to message Katie Miller and tell her her one hunch was wrong, but I was too busy being all this: But the most important thing to note — that “OMG I CAN GO ON IN LIFE!