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Christian serratos dating edi gathegi

One of his arms was around my back, his hand buried in my hair. The sobbing girl in my arms told me I had underestimated just how far she was into this pain.

I pulled away once I calmed down and pressed my lips briefly to his cheek.

"Thank you." I laid back down and Carlisle covered me back up with my blankets.

I breathed in and out, trying to slow my heartbeat.

Carlisle's thumbs rubbed the back of my hands in circles.

My nightmares still haunted me, but the panic attacks haven't happened again and I was thankful for that. It's all right." Carlisle had admitted the day after we first kissed that he watched over me at night which I found extremely creepy, but he was really protective so I didn't say anything against it.

Charlie was suspicious of something going on between Carlisle and I, but he hasn't caught on yet. I felt his hands take mine and he sat beside me on the bed.

He set me down on the desk and turned to get something. I put my hand on the towel to stanch the flow of blood.

"Keep pressure on those." His voice was stern and I didn't really like it. Carlisle took a few more minutes before coming back over to me.

(You guys have no idea how happy your comments make me. One from Lover-Of-Fiction who said ' LOVE this chapter!!! ' and one from Laylawalkaraj who said ' Thx for updating great book'. Makes me exceedingly happy to know I have people who actually like/love what I write. ) Not much had changed between Carlisle and I in the past three days, except whenever he saw me, he would hug me.

He would kiss me if I was comfortable with it, which I was slowly getting use to him kissing me.

She kept repeating something, but I couldn't make out what she was saying. It'll be okay." She dug her nails into my shirt and if I wasn't a vampire, I'm pretty sure I would be bleeding. I ran a hand down her hair, trying to help her calm down.