Start Communicator status not updating outlook 2016

Communicator status not updating outlook 2016

The user recently changed a number for one contact that she interacts with frequently. We discovered the contacts in Lync do not match the contacts in Outlook.

squares beside names) there are several possible issues: UPDATED January 18 2017 – If you have Mitel Mi Collab make sure you read items 1 & 5. I recently installed Mitel Mi Collab software had not noticed that the presence icons in Outlook had disappeared about the same time.

The solution is to set the Registry back to looking to Skype – Lync for information: ‘O’ = the number zero See THIS Microsoft article for more details.

If you have list of Mail IDs in an excel sheet, the above code can be customized to read the list in a loop and get status of each user.

The same code can also be used for Friends already added to in Friends list.

When she turns off her machine on a night and returns to work the same fault happens.

How can I make sure the user's Lync contacts are synced?

After opening a "Contact" Clicking on the "Call" icon in the Ribbon does not initiate a telephone call to the Contract. There is a known issue with Office Communicator and TAPI (which Outlook uses for making calls).

Outlook will not use TAPI if Office Communicator 2007 R2 is running.

So I decided to gather all problems, how to troubleshoot and solutions about this particular problem and put them in one article and will be updating this post whenever I find something new regarding this topic some steps are suggested by me, some by other Lync expert out there.

So will start be listing common problems that I faced in my day – to – day work Before going any deeper in what is causing the problem, make sure that Lync – outlook is integrated before wasting any time trying to locate the problem while it might be that Lync add-in not installed correctly.

Both Outlook 20 are affected and the fix is the same for both: You can either exit Communicator and retry or create a TAPIOVERRIDE registry entry.