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Crispen glover dating amanda haurd

He also says, "I've always liked red and black and, since I've been gardening, I've been noticing that I'm liking green more"; "I don't like valet parking, generally"; "I don't really love the sun"; "I tend toward healthiness"; "I like elitism"; and "I feel like I'm interested in monarchies.

Glover's more obsessed fans think that, like them, he must have had a dreadful childhood, filled with depressions, beatings, cruel hazings, alcohol-smelling kisses, zits, painful classroom erections, snobby girls, indifferent teachers and on and on.

Today, Glover, 39, is dressed in black lace-up boots, black dress socks, white briefs, black shirt and black Dickies trousers. Up in his bedroom, he walks to a shelf and takes down a papier-mâché volcano with a music box inside and flips open the base to show a quite surreal inner diorama. This is the lava flowing out." He winds the box and eventually out comes the note of a song, and then a while later another note arrives, and so forth, glacially, with Glover singing along in similar slow-mo fashion: "I ... He cannot tolerate rock music in a restaurant setting.

"See," he says, licking his lips, "there's a woman in her volcanic garden, and you open it up to buffaloes looking over the scene. When he was five, he buried his massive collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox die-cast cars and about that incident says, "It's one of the few things I've done in my life that I'm genuinely perplexed by." He frequently loses his wallet, but it is always returned, sometimes by a policeman named Web.

"But what's really normal and what's really weird, you know?

"Glover's mother was a classically trained dancer; his father, Bruce, is a working actor who teaches acting and has appeared in 68 films, including .

They order glasses of ice, which Glover fills with smuggled-in absinthe as discreetly as he can, given that the stuff is greener than Astro Turf.

Fairly soon, Lauren tells the story of their courtship.

They met about two years ago, at a Playboy Mansion Halloween party.