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Dating and marriage in the dominican republic

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He last played in 2007, and was implicated in the federal investigation into steroids in baseball.

A New York Times report in 2009 said that Sosa was on a list of players who tested positive for steroids in 2003 - Sosa denied wrongdoing, even testifying before a congressional panel.

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Because of the steroid scandal, Sosa also hasn't been inducted the National Baseball Hall of Fame - he's been eligible since 2013, but hasn't ever gotten over 10 per cent of the vote from the Hall's voters - well short of the 75 per cent needed for induction.

Sosa clearly doesn't look the same as he did during his playing career - and it's a source of mystery and confusion for his many fans across Major League Baseball.

Sosa finished that season with 66 home runs, good for the second best season to date at that point.

However, Sosa's baseball credibility came crashing down in the following years - he was caught corking his bat with the Chicago Cubs, a method of cheating that players use to hollow out the bat to make it swing faster - and left Chicago in 2004.

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