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Dating dark side

He has been singularly astute at keeping his tax bills low, living here as a "non-dom", spreading his wealth through holdings in tax havens such as Liechtenstein and the Cayman Islands.

He drives a Morris Minor, and visits the barber in the village near by.

The moment at which the Rausing fortune was conceived apparently came one lunchtime during the war, when Rausing was watching his wife Elisabeth stuffing sausages, folding over and pressing shut the skins at each end, and wondered if some similar process could be devised for packaging liquids.

He formed Tetra Pak, now called Tetra Laval, in 1944, as a subsidiary of Akerland and Rausing, but left it to his sons, Gad and Hans, to build up the business, which by 1990 was selling 50 billion cartons a year.

In 2006, they sold their house in Cadogan Square for £12.65m, to move to an equally impressive five-storey mansion near by.

They have also just finished building an 11-bedroom beachside mansion in Barbados, one of the biggest houses on the island, which cost them about £15m, and they have a large apartment on The World, a cruise ship for passengers who need to be offshore for tax-avoidance purposes.

Love them or hate them, they are one of the world's most pervasive throwaway items.

About 200 million are sold and discarded every day.

Andy Mc Smith explores their very private lives Hans Kristian If Hans K and his wife, Eva, were 25 years younger, you might think them the poor little rich kids.