Start Dating debate

Dating debate

Launching a dating service may reestablish Facebook in its original target market of 20-somethings, but it should not restore our faith that the social network cares about our privacy.

Without going in to the nitty-gritty details, I found it pretty successful for pretty much every avenue considered; I met people who I went on great romantic dates with, I met people who I would still consider myself to be friends with now, and I met someone who I’ve been in a very happy relationship with for three years.

That’s not to say that my time Tinder-ing wasn’t without its downfalls.

Facebook takes data harvested from us (“dumb fools”, as Mark Zuckerberg sort of referred to us, only he used a different four-letter word beginning with “f”), and sells it on to third parties.

All is forgiven and let him take whatever data he needs. Read more: Facebook to have fling in dating market with new app Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business, offering a free service.

One time I even went speed-dating (which was anenormously fun experience, but alas, did not lead to any form of fulfilling relationship).

But out of meeting people in pubs, being introduced via friends, and office romances, dating apps have by far, for me, generated the most success.

Dating apps perhaps make it easier for those who wish to use it for such degenerate purposes to do so, but they do also attempt to work around these issues.