Start Dating dog talk

Dating dog talk

Lessons about consent start very early and in ways that have nothing to do with sex.

Think about it: When you're talking to a pet, you're carrying the weight of a conversation, in addition to ascribing emotions (and maybe even thoughts) to your little fluff ball.

It's like a Rubik's Cube game for your mind, only it's actually fun.

Why talk to someone or something that can't talk back?

Take it from Professor Epley: Talking to your dog before you head to work, or after you come home from a long day of talking to boring old humans, is a way for you to flex your brain power.

Talking to pets is an incredibly common habit for many pet owners, even though it might seem a little bit strange, or maybe even pointless.

They can't really understand what you're saying, after all, so why do it, right?

Hal Herzog, an anthrozoologist and professor of psychology at Western Carolina University, told The Atlantic that it's totally normal to "[ascribe] all kinds of thoughts and meanings to other things in our lives.”For the same reasons most of us are totally cool with — and, in fact, sort of love — talking animals (and snowmen — what's up, Olaf?