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Dating guide man manhandling mating ornithological

The Secret Bargaining Power of Your Exclusivity Imagine you owned a lovely home on a piece of prime real estate.

You agree to take yourself off the market for a man who's not ready to fully commit to you because you're either: a.) Having amazing sex with him, or b.) He mentioned that he wanted to get married "someday" when you both went hiking.

Question: Is your partner really ‘in’ and there for the taking?

Or is he just having a romp, and setting you up for a […] Read More Man Trap: (n.) A woman skilled at luring lovebirds. Just dab this super man- friendly vanilla scent on your wrists – or decolletage – and watch what happens… Roll on Perfume Oil **Please allow 3 weeks for delivery Get it Here!

It’s such an honor to witness and support you in attaining your romantic vision, and making it a reality. My Gratitude FREE […] Read More The Relationship ‘White Glove’ Test ~ Complimentary Podcast Are men taking you seriously, or just biding their time, (and just wasting YOURS?

) And you can get all of my insider dating secrets, right here.

Healthy relationships are mergers between two partners whose terms should be negotiated up front.

In days of yore, marriage was a looked upon as business contract between two families.

I hope you’re having a thoroughly fattening and delicious Thanksgiving!