Start Dating haitian american men

Dating haitian american men

Think about it, whenever we’re going thru a rough patch, a Haitian man can go be with his other family and you can refer to points 1-3 and see how thoughtful and considerate we are.

(Listen to the track 1st)We Leave Women to Their Own Devices – Haitian men not out here taking selfies or on Snappy Chatty bopping their heads while lip syncing to songs nobody will ever hear.

Many people don’t realize that at one point Garcelle was even a video girl! [Laughter] Kreyolicious: Say for example, say a Haitian man who wants to romance Garcelle…

She played the leading lady in at least two music videos, “Down Low”, “Come with Me”, “Take me Home” with the singer R. Kreyolicious: You said you had a Haitian boyfriend before.

Garcelle Beauvais is the pride of the Haitian community, not because she’s an actress in Hollywood who happens to be Haitian, but because she’s a staple in Hollywood, who is perceived as clinging to Haitian values, even though she’s lived in Hollywood land for most of her life—but with her chin up in the air. Marc native didn’t have it easy from the beginning. I’m looking for somebody who’s fun, loving, honest. Kreyolicious: God, I hope this doesn’t come out wrong.

Her father Axel and her mother Marie-Claire divorced when she was a little girl. Has the fact that you’ve dated two men who were outside your culture and “race”, made you more open to dating a black man?

You’re sure to work up some cardio chasing your Haitian man in efforts to catch him doing he shouldn’t be; it’s all about perspective sweetheart.

We’re Spontaneous – Women always complain about relationships getting stale, well the Haitian man is as spontaneous as they come.

From then on, TV producers seem to always have her in mind, as she took on lead strong women roles in the early 2000’s detective show “NYPD Blue”, followed by “Eyes” and more recently “Franklin & Bash”.