Start Dating site landing pages

Dating site landing pages

It allows for the user to rate the person on a five star scale with an anonymous option.

This being said the landing page should also have a simple testimonial section that has both a 20-30 something male and female talking about how this is something that they've been waiting for.

There should also be a section that shows the simple steps after launch how it will be easy for them, such as step one sign up, step two agree to link information, step three read and rate your date.

A dimple logo at the top left would be nice to have a heart with an arrow and a star hanging on it as well, something to that effect…

The landing page only will need a field for name email and a captcha to ensure human.

Scroll further down the page and the minimal copy principle remains in play – everything you need to know about the process (including the fact that they make the eyewear customers design by using 3D printers) is explained as simply and briefly as possible.

This means that prospects don’t get bogged down or intimidated by reams of text.

Giving something valuable away for free can seem counterintuitive to a lot of people.

However, doing so can be a powerful motivator, especially when used on a landing page.

In everyday life, repeating yourself is often perceived as a bad thing, unless you’re talking with someone who’s hard of hearing.

On landing pages, however, repeating yourself can be a great way to reinforce a key selling point or feature, as this landing page from website template service Squarespace demonstrates: Not only does this example highlight the aesthetic appeal of Squarespace’s website templates, it also makes it clear that the free 14-day trial is no obligation, and that you don’t have to enter your credit card details to get started.

Although this example isn’t a “true” one-click signup (clicking that button scrolls you down to their pricing information), it This entire landing page features precisely 30 words of copy, but right from the outset, the premise behind their service is perfectly clear – Optopus lets you design your own eyewear online.