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I just don't understand what happened to general manners in our society. Click here for more information on selling your items to us. Please contact us at 858-715-8669 or e-mail [email protected] set up a Time Payment. Purchases made on a payment plan will strictly be held to our Payment Plan Terms: 1. The inventory will take weeks leading up to our exhibtion at Comic-Con International. A heavily signed version of the Platinum Edition of Superman #75: Death of Superman.

Jamie made his international TV debut on Pawn Stars on May 8th 2017!

They were professional, and just stood there while this awful example of humanity yelled at them for at least 15 minutes. INFINITY COUNTDOWN: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 Carol's has the Reality in contact with Captains Marvel from across the multiverse! RA'S AL GHUL #1 Ra's needs a little me-time with Damien. DC COMICS MEETS HANAH-BARBARA YEAR TWO SPECIALS If you thought last year's were fun..ready!

They did everything short of offering another day for free (which is what the couple wanted, based on their demands). Time to bust a gut with these four new crossovers: Aquaman/Jabberjaw #1; Black Lightning/Hong-Kong Phooey #1; Flash/Speed Buggy #1; AND Super-Sons/Dynomutt #1 These are my hot picks for the week, people!

Feel free to bring your comics in to sell with either Matt, or I, at the helm! My publisher has informed me that my book will be titled: The Forensic Comicologist, Insights From A Life In Comics.