Start Dating tatooed women

Dating tatooed women

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Researchers Andrzej Galbarczyk and Anna Ziomkiewicz began by recruiting 2,584 straight Polish men and women.

Each participant was made to view images of men shirtless.

According to this new study, that experience might be a steep learning curve.

A cohort of men out there with tattoos think women are attracted to them partly because of their ink, as it projects a masculine air.

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Women meanwhile, were more likely to label non-tattooed men as attractive. Generally speaking, our species looks for signs of attractiveness not as an end onto itself, but as a biological trait, as it telegraphs healthfulness and good genes.

One interesting find is that women rated men emblazoned with tattoos as healthier. Mother Nature programmed us to look for partners who would provide healthy offspring.

Though some men may believe the myth, and think it helps make them more competitive in the dating market, women aren’t actually more attracted to men with tattoos.

At least, that’s the results of a new Polish study, published in the journal .

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