Start Davao review dating sites

Davao review dating sites

Davao City constantly ranks as one of the safest cities in the world.

When I stayed in Davao City itself the most recommended place to stay was an Apartelle which is a cross between an apartment and a hotel unique to Philippines called Jun and Dell’s.

Their website is here For a small studio room with kitchen it will only cost you 13,000 pesos (300 USD) a month and that includes electricity, maid cleaning service daily and cable TV in the rooms.

You can blast your air-con non stop all day every everyday and not have to worry about receiving a huge power bill like you do if you rent a condo by yourself elsewhere.

If you rent an apartment or condo there they will usually ask for a bond to the value of one months rent up front and also one month rent in advance.

Coincidentally the terrorist groups who do all the kidnapping on the island of Mindanao is called MILF.

I love MILFs but sadly these are not mothers I’d like to fuck but a bad kind of MILF 🙁 To get around town the cheapest and easiest way is to ride the Jeepneys.

Experience plenty of exciting moments as you visit the top 5 tourist spots in Davao Philippines.