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David thewlis rhys ifans dating

Recent films include Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and The Omen (2006) alongside Liev Schreiber.

for Hello, Hello, Hello and he wrote, directed and starred in Cheeky in 2003. You could say that Thewlis is a renaissance man, albeit one with a very Northern modesty.

"The thing about Harry Potter is it's great fun because of the people – I was usually with Julie Walters and Mark Williams, Brendan Gleeson, Robbie Coltrane and the kids. If you're going to hang around on a set bored, you might as well do it with Julie Walters." Thewlis seems genuinely happy to have been mixing with muggles.

As far as he's concerned Harry Potter is a cinematic phenomenon, a one-off. You'll never have three child actors going through adolescence just working on that one film, which is such a success. He's a gorgeous guy, very articulate, very level-headed and funny. He's grown up into a beautiful young man and he could be a pain in the arse.

He ran a small, fast production, often using just one take.

"It's a bit scary because Bernard will move on even if you're not happy with it and want to do it again," Thewlis says. The film I've just done (Roland Emmerich's Shakespeare thriller, Anonymous, coincidentally also starring Ifans] we were doing maybe eight or nine takes, which I like."It was great, though. It was not very glamorous, it was mainly shot in Cardiff and a little bit in Spain, but it was really good fun." The lack of glamour – Thewlis spends most of the film caked in mud and manure in Mc Cann's rundown rural hideout – must've been a shock after the mega-franchise of Harry Potter, from which Thewlis has become most recognisable in recent years.

The Pushing Daisies actress split from Harry Potter star David Thewlis in December (10) after nine years together.

Notting Hill actor Ifans has reportedly grown close to Friel since they started filming Peter Pan prequel Neverland in September (10).

Santa Monica pier at a certain time of day could be Blackpool central pier. It's just like Blackpool, really, but nicer." Thewlis has said in the past that Friel has been a good influence on him, but I wonder if he's been the same for her? "We'd like to do some work together, that's something we talk about. We're too young just now, but when we're older it'd be great to do Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?