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Discount code friends reunited dating

Virginia Carington, whose father was the Conservative politician Lord Carrington.

With her own parents so far away, this meant a great deal to Lucia.

Now, most of the upper-class women in London seemed to be after him, some of them married —and he knew it, and reaped the benefits.

Camilla, hugely popular with boys from an early age, had caught his eye at her coming out party and he had certainly caught hers.

It was the start of a long, torturous romance — torturous because Camilla became a puppet on a string.

Andrew was hugely fond of her and she was nominally his girlfriend, spending many weekends with him at his parents’ house near Newbury in Berkshire. And what was particularly hurtful was that — even then — many of them were Camilla’s friends. One night she spotted Andrew’s car parked outside the flat of one of her best friends, so she wrote a rude message in lipstick on the windscreen and let all the air out of his tyres.

It was only those closest to her who knew quite how standoffish and cold Andrew could be towards her — and how deeply, bitterly hurt she was by his infidelity.

She loved him — for reasons her own family could never entirely fathom — and longed to be truly loved in return. There was always someone prettier, wittier, sexier, waiting to take her husband away from her.

Although Lucia has repeatedly been credited with being the Prince’s first lover, this could not be farther from the truth.