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Dominant sex chat sample

Remember, if you embarrass yourself, you also embarrass your Dominant.

* bondage * celebrity * chores : induce doing chores * estim : electronical stimulation with some specialized devices * exhibition * extreme : uncommonly dangerous or distasteful * feet * femaledom * fitness : include some physical movements * forcouple : need at least 2 persons * forfemale * formale * game * gay (user being a man or not) * hair * humiliation * internet : will use internet access (reaching another website, sending a mail, etc.) * lesbian (user being a woman or not) * long : let's say more than 2h * maledom * mystical : astral body, transcendental...

Beware: each time you lose a fight you have to perform favors for the fighter who beat you!

I've got nice big breasts - 36D, with big nipples that are round and firm.

Whether you are a slave or a submissive, you'll always be expected to show courtesy and respect to anyone that you encounter online, especially if you find yourself in the company of, or talking to a Dominant.

We finally did it and I was getting really ominant...

I had her in doggy against the side of my bed and was pulling her hair, lightly choking and dirty talking a bit.

I came back and she was still in that position (so hot, a girl with her butt up like that) and begging for it. One thing I have to mention is that with any kind of physical dominance, unless the girl is a masochist, you must be gentle yet firm.

Too much and it will hurt..little and it wont be believable.

First things first, remember anytime you are online you have a couple of inherent capabilities, regardless of how submissive you are, you and you alone always have control of your "off switch, ignore button, and delete keys" on your computer. Keep in mind the rule that for every 100 so called Dom's you find online, if you're lucky, perhaps one or two of them will turn out to be a real Dominant or Master.

With that in mind, understand there are idiots and wannabe's out there.

A submissive or slave may not like a Dominant she comes across while she's chatting, but that is still no reason not to be courteous and respectful.