Start Dominican republic gils dating

Dominican republic gils dating

"Men who have been here before are confident that the police won't arrest them if they pick up the younger girls," said one Dominican girl, age 18, who declined to give her name, fearing reproach from her friends for talking to reporters.

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Daniela said the money she earns she gives to her mother and aunt, who also survived the quake, which killed an estimated 300,000 people.

She and her girlfriends are part of the local tourism industry that thrives on sex and exploitation, brazenly in the open and despite claims from the government that it has intensified prosecutions and sanctions against smugglers.

She says she is 18 years old and has sex with tourists for money.

But her two Dominican friends scoff, telling reporters that she's no older than 16.

When the tourism police do organize street sweeps, the Haitian children pass fake Haitian passports among themselves that show they are adults, said one of the young Dominicans.