Start Donghae dating jessica

Donghae dating jessica

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So even if he regretted it in past (genre 2011 and the explanation of Y by shippers) i think in 6 years they manage to turn the page and change the dynamic of their relationship.

DN't u dare TOUCH our Hyung DONGHAE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! But this turned out to be just a mean RUMOR.a reporter confirmed it to donghae and he along with other suju members just laughed about it. i searched the internet for any news but all i found was that old article. although i'm one of snsd's fan, yet it's not the time 4 them 2 get marry. Jessica is the one who always want to be with suju. hate jesiica very much.i don hate donghae just hate when he take the wrong decision to marry with that witch!!!

the article also said that sm entertainment released a statement saying that it is up to donghae if he were to leave suju or not. maybe i should go to object their wedding.hehehe... she's now pretty just because of PLASTIC SURGERY and she's sexy/slim. anyway i think in about 2 more years he should get married no offense but i heard that jessica is like a player: P he should find a normal person who loves him for who he is why marry a celebrity after thy get married im sure there r going to be a lot of jessica haters and i hate them together we all wanna have our idols to our self ............. because that jessica...i hate her very try to make suju become leaser and because of you they want to go with theit own way..huh!!! I heard that the Jessica Donghae issue is not true...

I loved her in sunny but a bit dissapointed in dream high 2. October 11, Donhae Sign: She is so pretty, both inside and out: Anon Oct 13 donghae and jessica dating 2012 It has built his body muscle.