Start Eastern european women in ireland dating

Eastern european women in ireland dating

They are feminine and elegant and always take good care of themselves.

It’s interesting to see how body types and cultural differences make people look the way they look.

I don’t believe genetics play a huge part in our body’s shape (according to diet expert Tosca Reno, the equation is 10% genetics, 10% training, 80% nutrition).

The nordic diet is based on food that’s easily grown and produced in colder climates: fatty fish, cabbage, root vegetables and rye bread. Looking really overweight is rare for these populations, simply because a lot of them store fat only on their lower body.

They won’t gain lot of muscle mass at the gym, even if they weight-train seriously.

Despite appearing to be a healthy weight, they’ve got extra body fat and jiggle areas.

After they passed 50 lots of them tend to have flat, sad butts.

The secret of this special beauty lies in the wild mix of the East and the West.

"Beauty will save the world" said Dostoïevski, a master of Russian classic literature.

Dutch, Belgian, German people all love potato fries. Cycling in the Netherlands is a common, daily method of transport. Dutch en German people don’t eat much “white” refine carbs.

The bigger part of their carbs intake comes from brown bread and complex carbs. Women from Denmark, Norway and Sweden seem to basically have the same kind of body types than German/Dutch women.

Also did you know that the most beautiful Russian brides are in Samara, thanks the the Empress Catherine II, read this amazing story Slavic women often have an "hourglass", or a "pear" body shape, a sign of high level of oestrogen, a female hormone.