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She is ashamed of her past and does not wish to state her real name.

While her husband could remarry, the wife is in a more difficult position.

The lawyer advises NGOs in cases of prostitution and human trafficking.

"Many girls want to help out their families and enter into the marriage voluntarily.

The dowry was an unimaginably large sum for the family – several annual salaries. My family told me that I would get clothes and presents. Marriage contracts found in any bookshop The paperwork for such summer marriages is quickly dealt with: marriage contracts can be found in any bookshop.

A whole network of intermediaries and lawyers ensure that the marriages take place quickly and discreetly. As such, the marriages can be annulled just as quickly as they were concluded. She has been married 8 times, each time for only a few days.

If the shariah defines something, all Muslims must follow that definition.

If the shariah is silent on an issue, Muslims should follow the 'Urfi definition.

[1] The 'Urfi is a marriage without an official contract.