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Embarrasing dating

I don't know about Matthew Rhys, but I do know that the idea that they both might be gay came from the fact that the two friends lived together for a really long dalton kenny branagh -lived with his bf in belfast ross kemp - gay, faux marriage nigel harman - gay as a goose, loves musical theatre ioan gruffud - engaged - yeah, right!

I don't remember which poster thinks JRM is straight but I want some of what they're smoking (not if it's the same shit Cheryl is smoking). I have been suspicious since he said he took the name Tennant after the guy in the Pet Shop Boys though.

One actor who is definately gay is Lee Williams who is in New Street Law and was in the Forsyte Saga. When I saw Spacey in this at the Old Vic, Graves was watching it in the row behind me, with a handsome male friend. If he'd been driven out of the cast by Spacey's pestering, it seems odd he'd go back and watch it.r132, I suspect that while it could be true about Spacey's pestering, anything he does is automatically always open to ridicule in internet 'lore'.

Lets repeat the famous story here in the UK of Spacey out walking his dog at 4 a.m. Love the John Fraser book-now he really fucks and tells! He will not be known as the first openly gay Dr Who. Sir Ian Mc Kellan came out much later in his career and in any event we are not comparing like with like.

in a local park and losing his mobile phone to a teenager who asked to borrow it and then bolted - seems Kevin tripped over the dog while chasing the kid and got a black eye ...... Lots of those great English character actors like Denis Price, Richard Wattis etc. I was a student at the RSAMD with David Tennant in Glasgow, have worked with him very occasionally over the years since, and he is utterly delightful, great fun and quietly gay.

Will the hausfraus as they are accurately referred to here ever get to sleep with these gentlemen or even marry them? It's all part of the celebrity game.amusing story about John Gielgud-When the powers that be decided to rename a theatre after him, someone thought of changing the name of the Queen's Theatre to the Gielgud.

But discussion about it aroused some trepidation because the committe was afraid the new Gielgud Theatre would at times be referred to as the old Queen's Theatre"As in the case of Jeremy Northam who is also an absolute doll and gay, their agents and assistants visit sites like this to give the hausfraus the comfort they demand - denying any whiff of homosexuality - and in doing so give their clients a willing audience."Don't tell the imdb fangurls that Jermey Northam is gay - they'll all commit suicide en masse.

Not Rupert Graves - he's very gay-friendly, but is rather guarded because he's had so many come-ons because of "Maurice""Please say Emma Thompson.