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The couple announced in February that they were expecting their first child and the Dubliner said she is not fazed about the experience at all - and said she would be touring eight weeks before her baby is due.

Le Rosbif was not their only contract, but Amanda had made it by far their favourite. "Have you ever been fucked by a boy or boys Amanda" "Y.miss" Amanda whispered hanging her head in adorable embarrassment. " "Yes miss" Amanda tearful-eyed exquisitely lovely answered, her adorably constant-kiss-proffering lips quivering with fear as well as excruciating embarrassment. " Amanda's gloriously massively huge, wholly holy, firm breasts, rolled and swayed with her sobs.

Her voice echoing from the speakers surrounding the full-room-size 3-D hologram-cine-cube in which the secret customer conclave sat, as the DVD was projecting. "When were you first fucked by a boy: how old were you? " "Nine-hundred times miss…about miss……..about nine-hundred, or a thousand miss" Amanda's tears of shame ran in rivulets from the eyes of an angel. " "Y.miss" Amanda held her head up proudly, but her face and gorgeous eyes showed her humiliating shame. "Yes miss" "And you like it up your bum don't you Amanda? "You have a supremely lovely bum Amanda……….." "Yes………" Amanda all but whispered. " "Yes, I………I like my bum….." "Say it Amanda, you fucking lying whore, say it damn you!

"I hope my services were satisfactory to you madam", whispered the dark-panda-patched-under-lower-eye-lidded, pale-from-the-pain–of-her-heavy-period, lovely Amanda, as she stood tiptoed at the pay-till having bobbed a sexy thighy curtsy to her customer, with a dip of her stupendously lovely legs: Amanda a supreme girl undergoing the extreme of the monthly burning endorsement confirmatory of her red-hot, literally red, literally hot, paprika-hot femininity. Amanda knew what it showed, and yet her smile never wavered its gloriously sweet and winning sincerity and shyness, as she passed the DVD over the bar-mark reader. She was so naturally lovely and worked so very hard to please.