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Some triggers include low O2, high CO2, air flow issues, an absence of drinking behavior, etc. Columbus Instruments' Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS) has set the standard for multiple parameter scoring of multiple animals.

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Heat is derived by assessment of the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide that occurs during the metabolic process.

The relationship between the volume of gas consumed (oxygen) and of that produced (carbon dioxide) reveals the energy content of the foodstuff utilized by the subject.

CLAMS-HC is a home cage implementation of CLAMS that maintains the features found in our premiere product.

CLAMS-HC is designed to be affixed to any standard animal cage and provides an adaptable test environment with snap-in modules to support a broad array of physiological and behavioral monitoring capabilities.

Systems equipped with a single set of gas sensors sequentially scan the chambers with a pneumatic multiplexer. Vanhoutte, Eva Hoi-Ching Tang The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 13 August 2015 Berardinelli-Seip Congenital Lipodystrophy 2 (BSCL2) Regulates Adipocyte Lipolysis, Browning and Energy Balance in Adult Animals Hongyi Zhou, Xinnuo Lei, Tyler Benson, James Mintz, Xiaojing Xu, Ruth B. Weintraub, Xiaoling Wang, Weiqin Chen Journal of Lipid Research, 12 August 2015 Oligoclonal Antibody Targeting Ghrelin Increases Energy Expenditure and Reduces Food Intake in Fasted Mice Joseph S.

These systems have a dwell time of 45 seconds to 2 minutes before advancing to the next chamber.

Unique to CLAMS is its ability to accurately account for food spillage.

While important, some tests require a more traditional animal setting which allows for bedding and the delivery of food that more closely matches a home cage environment.

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