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Free chat with aunty and asked for fuck

I was jerking hard and pre-cum was leaking all over my hard cock and balls.

I was playing with my balls and asshole with one hand, and jerking my cock with my other when I heard from the side of me, "I used to get fucked hard like that by your Uncle years ago." The scene was a orgy scene and a girl was getting fucked hard doggie still on the floor while others watched. " My hand still wrapped around my cock, not pumping just gripping it, and I stutterted, "yes." She looked at me, my cock and the video and asked, "What do you like about them?

I froze for a second and turned and looked and standing there was my Aunt Joyce. That they are old, like you and me, or cause of the tiny tits and hairy pussies." I have never ever heard my Aunt talk like this. She walked over and sat on the chair close to the coffee table where I had my laptop sitting and was looking at the screen.

She walked over to Gerald and Tom and woke them both up and told them to go to bed.

They both stumbled upstairs, Gerald went to his room and Tom to the spare room.

Usually during the long weekends, I always get together with my two cousins, for Golf, Hockey and some movies together.

Gerald is the same age as me, 42, and Tom is 40, married with two k**s....neither Gerald or myself have k**s or ever been married and my Aunt, Joyce just turned 70 and is retired.

My aunt Joyce was upstairs on her computer playing cards like she always does.

Being retired and single, she either watches TV or plays on the more of a night owl, then all of us.....cause she sleeps all day. I was watching a movie and Gerald and Tom were passed out.

Ever since I was little, I have always seen hairy pussies with my family members....

I'm the youngest, so i always want to fuck and suck a wet, hairy pussy and ass.

While watching the scene on the laptop, I could see her shifting around on the chair.