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Ftp site hosting dating

The philosophy behind this is that these options are for setting non-standard formats, and a build-script author who knows what system he is dealing with will know what options to need to be set.

This is really pushing the FTP client further than it should be pushed, but it is possible.

Note that the LS_FILE_OFFSET might be different on your system and this won't work at all if the offset is wrong. /bin/sh HOST='' USER='user' PASSWD='pass' DIRECTORY='. Logbook Plus' FILES_TO_GET=1 LS_FILE_OFFSET=57 # Check directory_listing to see where filename begins rm -f directory_listing # get listing from directory sorted by modification date ftp -n $HOST # Only files that have a newer modification time than given date are considered.

# You must have mutt installed for email alerts and curl installed to upload the files to the ftp server.