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That’s the cultural rule even if you don’t like it. The biggest mistake lesbians make when it comes to asking another lesbian out is you over think it.

We absorbed most of our culture’s rules unconsciously. You spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years thinking about asking. What ever is happening, take the time to talk to her and compliment her on something.

You want a date and not just one date, but a lot of dates that eventually lead to a great relationship. It’s clear you need to keep looking and keep asking. 3) Engage her in a conversation about what ever is happening around you.

2) When you identify a lesbian for a possible date, smile at her and establish eye contact.

I know the lessons I've learned and the experiences I've had can help you.

Along the way, I gathered an amazing array of tools and aids I call the Gay Girl Dating Toolbox.

After 21 years of a struggling marriage and two children I went to work for a Fortune 500 company.

I took advantage of every opportunity that job afforded me, including being able to finally finish my college degree.

The number one dating problem that shows up repeatedly in lesbian dating is that women won’t ask other women out. And you indicated when you’d like to make this date happen. Stop wasting your time and start dating for long lasting love and success.

That makes it not only hard to get a date; it makes it impossible to get a date. Pretty much 100% of the lesbians I know and don’t know, grew up in heterosexual families and in those families, men ask women out. You’ve covered the important bases of asking a lesbian out on a date.

It's time to stop dating the same woman over and over. I've felt the pain, the betrayal and the feelings of loneliness and loss.