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In 1929, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company, then the world's largest manufacturer of phonographs (including the famous "Victrola") and phonograph records (in British English, "gramophone records"). In absorbing Victor, RCA acquired the New World rights to the famous Nipper/"His Master's Voice" trademark.

This gave RCA head David Sarnoff a seat on the EMI board.

In September 1931, RCA Victor introduced the first 33⅓ rpm records sold to the public, calling them "Program Transcriptions".

Also, it may not have been a regular model at this time, as they specifically mentioned that it was a “Special Concert Size”. The Pineapple headstock decal, but with a silver painted brass pineapple charm glued to the headstock.

Gold Label 1954-1969 Special Label used by Sam Kamaka Jr on ukulele that he personally made. White Label 1969-2001 Current Label 2001-Present Updated June 23, 2011 Here are the Kamaka headstock decals.

It was fully acquired by Bertelsmann in 1986, making it a part of Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG); however, RCA became a part of Sony BMG Music Entertainment, a merger between BMG and Sony Music, in 2004, and was acquired by the latter in 2008, after the dissolution of Sony BMG and the restructuring of Sony Music.

It is the second oldest record label in American history, after Columbia Records.

These used a shallower and more closely spaced implementation of the large "standard groove" found on contemporary 78 rpm records, rather than the "microgroove" used for post-World War II 33⅓ rpm "LP" (long play) records.