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I cannot begin to tell you what a struggle it was trying to decypher the “pattern”.

In 1918 he wrote “Die Stem”, South Africa’s national anthem (1957 – 1994).

After the abolishment of Apartheid, his anthem was replaced by , in which a part of “Die Stem” still features. One of my favourite Langenhoven anecdotes comes from this time.

He was lovingly called Sagmoedige Neelsie (Gentle Neelsie).

I’ve told you about Aunty Dollie before (see my Aunty Dollie Bag).

” (Die helfde van julle is Esels.) The speaker reprimanded him and told him to apologize.

“I take it back,” he said, after barely a moment’s pause. Some of my favourite Langenhoven quotes (translated by Goodreads): That’s all fine and well, Dedri, but what does any of this have to do with the Pansy? Please see this chart if you need help with any of the abbreviations in this pattern.

It would have been by the light of a paraffin lamp. And if it was winter, her feet would have been resting on one of those little wooden “heaters” we used to use as chairs when we were very small.