Start Hi blueyez can we hook up

Hi blueyez can we hook up

The audio output from the cable/satellite box will connect to a different audio input on the receiver/amplifier (i.e.

And a small flashlight might be handy to illuminate the dark corners behind the receiver and television.

If you also use a cable/satellite box, expect to have another set of cords for that.

Over-the-air and cable/satellite broadcasts for movies, sports, and other programs are almost always produced in stereo (sometimes in surround sound) and generally of excellent quality.

The practical and convenient way to best enjoy television sound is to pair a TV directly to a stereo or home theater system using analog or digital connections.

The basic speakers built into televisions are generally too small and inadequate to deliver the kind of good sound you deserve.

If you've spent all that time selecting a large-screen television and setting up the perfect viewing environment, the audio should properly complement the experience.

There's a lot of room for improvement, of course, but we're excited by what Microsoft has been brewing up for the past two years.