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Hook up za friday

They were knee deep, when in between me and them, a zambezi came clear out of the water, doing the very same pirouette!

Good/moderate fishing month but prepare yourself for bitter cold and windy days on the beach. Prevailing southerly winds are in the order of the day.

Which means that the cute little Zambezi we caught 4 years ago – would be cruising at about 30kg’s.

Chris Leppan (the south coast one), got one at about that size last year, which he also released in perfect health. Then at the end of a charter on the river, it was after golden hour (the second one, we have figured there are two down on the river), I was peering into the overcast afternoon, back over the lines, when all of a sardine, here comes a shark, clean out of the water!

We had the Farinha clan aboard, about 12 of them, and were fishing for kingfish and rock salmon, trolling the deep spots, underneath the Ghost House.