Start Internet dating is not like ordering a pizza

Internet dating is not like ordering a pizza

I am appreciate them because now I dont waste my money anymore there Reply My wife ordered Jet’s pizza on Thursday, April 6 2017 .

The original pizza recipe comes from one that the Jetts mother used.

It hasn’t been changed since 1978 and the Jetts say that, although it might cost a bit more to make it this way, they believe it is the best pizza recipe in America. Answer 3: Jet's Pizza was founded by John and Eugene Jetts in 1978.

The thing is the restaurant is only about 5-7 minutes from my home and I am pretty sure the traffic was not backed up that bad to the point that it took almost 2 hours to receive my food.

I understand things happen but this was unacceptable.

Upon discovering the mistake, my wife notified the mgr. This is my second bad experience with the Smyrna branch on Almaville rd.

of the infraction and he asked us to give it a few days to see if it post to our account. Reply i am a regular customer , i usually order from jets pizza very ofter for years . when i told him i wouldnt ever order there again he says “great” …

When we got it home the salad was 90 % wilted, slimy lettuce and had to be thrown out. We’ve had issues with this franchise in the past with wrong orders but this was the most disgusting and lazy job.