Start Intimidating things to say before a fight

Intimidating things to say before a fight

”) as well as the addition of other people in your threat (example: “[…] you and all your family and friends! Tools or objects not usually used to kill are quite effective for a threat.

In fact, the more violent your threats are, the more psychopathic you look and the more psychopathic you look, the more credible you are.

It is the chore of the threat itself and must be strong enough to make sure your threat will not be a regular and plain threat but a psychopathic one.

For example, you have to prefer the chainsaw messy job over the katana clean cut when you speak of cutting off limbs and you must prefer the even messier job of tearing off the limb bare handed over the more effective job of the chainsaw.

If you threaten someone to kill him or harm him quickly, it will ruin the ghastly effect of your threat: that is something you want to avoid.

The violent act of your threat must speak of gore and pain: the more brutal it is, the better your threat gets.

For the choice of the most adequate threatening violent acts, see the “Choosing the Violent Act” section.

” or “I’ll rape you until you puke out your stomach!