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Jolene van vugt dating pastrana

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For years, Jolene Van Vugt and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana have been the only female members of the "Nitro Circus Live," crew, but now there's a new little lady joining the mostly male cast on their North American tour. #addypastrana," "Nitro" Girl captioned the pic above.

Travis Pastrana and wife Lyn-Z's adorable daughter, Addy, has been traveling with the all-star athletes, and Auntie Jolene recently shared a snapshot that shows just how much Baby Addy has grown since we first met her back in September. Though Baby Pastrana was born this past Labor Day, she's clearly grown out of her newborn phase, and her beautiful features are already developing.

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While her big blue eyes are certainly from Mama Lyn-Z's side of the family, some folks think the kiddo is more Pastrana than Hawkins.

"She looks so much like @travispastrana What a cutie! Her resemblance may be up for debate, but there is one thing about Addy we're fairly sure about: She's totally going to inherit that adrenaline junkie gene no matter what!

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