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An Alford plea means the defendant enters a guilty plea, but maintains his innocence.

irrespective of whether she was influenced by him, she knew fully his mindset and contributed to a set of circumstances that, had we not intervened, could have resulted in significant loss of life in the UK in the lead-up to Christmas 2016.” Sue Hemming, the head of of the Crown Prosecution Service’s counter-terror division, said the couple were “clearly attracted to each other through their support for Daesh’s violent ideology and its intolerance of those who do not subscribe to its views”.

Mohammed, of Leopold Street in Derby, and El-Hassan, of Willesden Lane in north-west London, denied preparing terrorist acts between November 2015 and December 2016 but a jury found them both guilty.

Judge Michael Topolski QC remanded them in custody and warned them they faced jail when they are sentenced next month.

Prosecutor Anne Whyte QC said Mohammed “resolved upon a lone wolf attack”, while working making sauces for supermarket ready meals, and El-Hassan was well aware of his plan.