Start Kareena kapoor dating saif

Kareena kapoor dating saif

Love knows no boundaries and it definitely did not understand in case of these beautiful divas of Bollywood.

Sparks flew between them and even before the release of their movie, Saif and Kareena admitted that they were dating each other.

The couple initially kept their lives private and didn’t divulge the details of their relationship.

It was when Saif tattooed the name of Kareena on his hand that media and fans realized the depth of love in their relationship.

Saif recently told in an interview that the tattoo was symbolic of the fact that Kareena was the only woman in his life and that he wished to settle with.

During the Sangeet, she sizzled in a golden choli and a stunning orange-yellow Lehenga, which accentuated her curves and added a bright glow to her face.

The jewelry was the same that she wore during Karishma, her sister’s wedding.

But the tag of being called the second wife did not deter these ladies a bit and they followed their hearts.

We take a look at the 11 actresses who are part of the second wives club of the Hindi cinema industry.

The actor opted for golden achkan and a turban, which added to his physique, complemented his fair face, oval facial structure and well maintained body.

The outfit features Banarasi Brocade, which looked classic in every sense.

While Saif is a Nawab or a prince, Kareena is the princess of millions of hearts.