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Ms Cooke specifically stated she did not want a 'semi-retired individual who wishes to spend time with their grandchildren' and desired someone athletic and active.

A Google search showed that suitor E had criminal convictions for fraud dating back to the 1970s in Manhattan, with a judge saying he has a 'record of convictions as long as his arm, and it's a long arm'.

One of the top three priorities Ms Cooke listed was career and income as she wanted to travel frequently with her new partner.

Clients are matched with other clients, or with eligible singles the Kelleher dating team has scouted “out of network”.

According to a recent interview, Kelleher has over 50,000 eligible single men and women in an ever-growing database.

In the case that you opt for the Local Search, but do want to expand your search past your local area only, you can add more locations for $5,000 per city.

Matchmakers working with clients at the Local and National Search levels typically work with 30-40 clients at a time.

This suitor had to re-enter the workforce after retirement to 'make ends meet'.

Wondering if an ex-Baywatch actress and her mother have what it takes to find the love of your life?

In some cases, they were almost the antithesis of what she requested in a suitable partner.

On two other occasions, the men she went on a date with informed her they were not looking for a monogamous relationship, despite the fact she specifically requested this in her profile.

From cost to complaints and everything in between, these Kelleher International reviews have everything you need to decide if this is the matchmaking service for you.