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But this act does not provide for strict liability, which means the person who paid for the sexual activity can defend themselves by simply saying they didn’t know that the person who they were purchasing sex had been trafficked!

Standing at the bar I look around the club, feeling slightly over whelmed. Most of the people are here for only one thing, and are practically doing that "one thing" on the dance floor. I do have to say it has been an interesting night so far. My girlfriend giving him the once over, his buddy doing the same to me, leaning in and making some sort of remark to Shane. He suddenly grabs my hair and pulls my head back, kissing me hard. With one last feral plunge into my wetness I feel his hot thick cum explode from his throbbing cock. He has filled my already sopping dripping cunt with his sweet cum. He purrs into my ear, kissing me softly on the neck. I am afraid my panties will not be enough to hold it until I can get cleaned up.

While this is not really a "sex club", it is very close. We laugh and eye some that are practically fucking on the dance floor. Through the night both of our friends come and go, chatting to us. "Tell me where you want me to cum Abby," he grunts. His hand on my throat getting tighter, making it hard for me to talk. Fucks me like he will never ever again fuck another pussy. As we both come down from the intensity of our fucking, he releases my hair and my throat, wrapping his arms around my waist. My pussy is dripping with the sweet mixture of our cum.

My girlfriend is out on the dance floor with some of her regular friends having a good time. I just laugh knowing it is probably some rude, sexist comment. As the club gets busier we are pressed closer together. I moan and attempt to say something, but unable as he chokes me hard. As his thrusts become slower, gentler I push my ass to him. " Mmmmm Ms Abby that was fantastic," he murmurs to me. Smiling, Shane takes my hand and we head out of the alley.

I am finding it a bit out of my comfort zone but very hot. He is with a group of guys who are also enjoying themselves on the dance floor, though he stands on the second level observing, rather than partaking. His hand brushing against me, against my back, my arm, my ass. He wraps his arms around my waist, and I raise my hands to his chest, resting my head against him. His grunts and groans are so fucking loud as he fills me. "Yes it was Mr Shane, " I whisper, leaning back onto his chest as we both catch our breath. Very softly he reaches down and kisses me, smiling and moaning softly into my mouth. I am not sure where he is taking me now, but I know I will follow him anywhere he wants me to go.

It is not a real Red-light district, but you can find quite many whores wondering around.

Street prostitutes work from early evening until early morning hours.

Average girls charge 100-150€ for 30 mins of sex and 180-220€ for 1 hour of fucking.

There are no official designated 'safe prostitution zones' or 'prostitution tolerance zones' in Dublin due to the legal situation, but there are still Red Light Districts in Dublin of course and nowadays the unofficial Red-light district of Dublin is Arbour hill & Parkgate st area at night time.

The centre is, however, relatively small and can be navigated by foot, with most of the population living in suburbs. Buying sex or selling sexual services is legal, because the Irish law “protects these transactions as agreements between consenting adults”.

Turn Off The Red Light (TORL) is a campaign set up in Ireland by an alliance of Irish non-governmental organisations.

It is also a criminal offence to loiter for the purposes of prostitution, Section 8, Criminal Justice (Sexual Offences) Act 1993. Basically you can watch our online live sex shows for free anywhere in the world if you’re connected to internet.