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t=891619I did sms STOP to: MC 19951111 All Day $4.09 $4.09I got a reply on the 07/01/08: [Free Msg] Thanks.

M block gave me the contact details of the actual content provider, Fun Messages, which is located in the USA. As I don't see my telco as being a financial institution I have been fighting one of these since New Year's Eve (over two weeks).

I received an SMS from 19994333 while I was at home watching television, only realised this as about 15 minutes later I happened to get online and check my prepaid mobile account to see how my call charges were.

I spoke to my provider, Optus, and they referred me to a company called M block. I feel sorry for anyone who gets these premium sms'. I understand telcos provide you with a "credit" account on postpaid mobile services, but I thought it would be reasonable to expect that the only thing on my bill would be charges incurred directly with my provider and would not expect them to pay a third party and slap it on with my bill.

It turns out that M block is only directing the sms' or sending them which means they aren't responsible for the refund. I didn't subscribe for $4.50 horoscope messages that come daily. Optus said they couldn't block it for me because its a third party provider. Thats what a credit card is for or even better a debit card.

It looks like sending STOP does not work on their system :( That was the fisrt thing I had disabled on my mobile when I bought my phone, a preventative measure, so that there was no chance I could be "stung", I also have no need to access Premium SMS numbers.

I have also restricted my home phone so no 190x number can be called.

Some of these suppliers will continue sending (quite expensive) SMSs until they are told to stop (usually by sending 'STOP' to the sending number).

Generally these messages start when the mobile subscriber downloads a ring tone, plays a SMS game or interacts with a chat service.

Regardless of carrier/Premium SMS number, please use this thread to discuss unsolicited Premium SMS issues.

The procedure you should follow to dispute the charges on your bill is the same regardless of your Carriage Provider.

Most other carriers and phone providers including the smaller ones that resell have similar web pages, so it won't hurt to check their web site.