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It's an incredible cardio workout, but your having so much fun, it's almost unfair to say it's a workout. I arrived at the gym, showed my free guest pass, sat through about 10 minutes of the speil by the membership rep, and took a tour of the gym, when I mentioned the class, the rep looked at me blankly. I came to find I was at the Union Square location--for the record the 13th Street location is much closer to Union Square than the Union Square location.

So I didn't get to go the class but I put a link to a 7 minute video of Sarina J's class below, there are a ton of them on youtube. Every move was done at an incredibly high pace and with endless reps. I actually found this really annoying, if I have 200 reps left I would like to know that rather than hearing 10 and knowing that I am no where near the end and the number has zero significance.

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Now that us cynical, alienated, amoral, solipsistic, blah blah blah, big kids are ready to accept the reins of power, surely it's time for one of us to define ourselves a little more sympathetically.

I realise, incidentally, that "history is written by the powerful" is a bastardisation of Churchill.

However, having already corrupted Townshend, I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll.

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