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M date online dating jodi west

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She showcased a range of other sheer dresses for the publication's spread.

Her makeup throughout the shoot was minimal, with just a subtle hint of blush on her cheeks, glossy lips, and mascara, to allow her flawless skin to glow.

Jodi held up the long, sheer beige cloth that showcased her slender figure while drifting in the breeze as she emerged from the sea, taking inspiration from Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus.

In another beige corset style frock, the former Home And Away actress did a series of dramatic poses on the sand.

With a dusting of sand on her legs and arms, Jodi seductively stared down the camera.

In another white number, Jodi showed off her long, trim pins in a white leotard and a sheer trench coat as she held a walking pose.

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