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We wanted to reach up to the cool night time breezes.

As is traditional, the floor of the bahay kubo is about one meter above grade.

This makes a standing adult above the level of the top of our eight foot fence.

Not closemindedness or slamming of mental or emotional doors.

I just want somebody to love unconditionally, share all the good things in life and make the most beautiful babies in the world. Someone who tries to understand, tries to communicate, tries to work things out. If your looking for love then message me and lets see where will our communication lead us..

More importantly, we are enjoying having Carol’s niece in Tigbauan, sending her to school here and generally trying to give her a better future. The only story house is less elegant, but gives us another bedroom for another niece or two.

Eliminating the stairway and second floor complexity allows us to have a four bedroom house for less money than the three bedroom two story house. We knew the room sizes we needed and basically our home is a box containing these rooms. We don’t use much air conditioning so we want our house to be comfortable without it.

We came to realize that our experience with flooding in Iloilo City was not very relevant to our Tigbauan property which is about fifty feet above sea level and did not flood during Frank.