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He also said they had bulbous heads, a narrow neck and a flared body "like a skirt." No features were visible. He said he felt no impact and they seemed to "disappear" when they touched the front bumper.

October 9, 1989: A family was visiting the Fort Whyte Nature Centre at p.m.

when he saw one of two disc-shaped objects land on a large flat rock. He eventually approached and heard two human-like voices.

He was hit by hot gas, which set his clothes on fire.

"The next morning we went to see what marks this meteor had made on the ice, but could not discover that a single particle was marked."Rutkowski says other sightings were reported by police, pilots and average people, who saw everything from unusual lights in the sky and flying saucers to silver-suited aliens.

The witness reports, which have common themes and descriptions, suggest "we are being visited," Rutkowski said."That doesn't mean that aliens are invading Canada in any way, but it simply means there are unusual reports of things in the sky," he said.

The craft vanished before their eyes when it was within five metres of them.